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AWS opens GovCloud data centres on US East Coast

AWS has officially opened its latest high-security GovCloud data centres on the US East Coast Plans for the latest crop of government-catered data centres were announced by AWS last year, as part of plans to expand the existing GovCloud region launched in 2011. AWS is the leading cloud provider for US intelligence services. In 2013 details… Read More

Data centre hardware hit by US-China trade war

The recent tariffs imposed by the Trump administration on China in September included duties on a range of consumer and business tech that caused alarm among OEMs  In the escalating trade war, it was announced that $200 billion worth of Chinese imports were to be subject to ten percent tariffs, with warnings of further duties if… Read More

Google cuts price of local SSDs by 63%

Google has announced that it has cut the price of local solid-state disks (SSDs) attached to on-demand Google Compute Engine virtual machines by up to 63%. This figure would mean around $0.080 per gigabyte per month in most U.S. regions. For local SSDs used with Preemptible VM instances will also become up to 71% cheaper, which… Read More

Lenovo announces new data centre solutions for Russian market

Lenovo has released a new portfolio of ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile data centre products and services for the Russian market. The solutions include servers, storage systems, network devices, and a range of data centre software technologies. ThinkSystem provides the hardware solutions in the new Lenovo series, while ThinkAgile offers the software to support these devices. The company states that… Read More

Park Place Technologies buys NCE Group in its biggest acquisition yet

Park Place Technologies has bought NCE Group Limited, a global provider of third-party data centre maintenance and repairs, in its largest ever acquisition. The purchase will see 280 members of staff join Park Place Technologies, which supports 7500 organisations in 95 countries with storage, server and networking hardware maintenance. The acquisition will increase the company’s… Read More