Latest haptics publications

Augmenting haptic feedback in virtual reality with robotic proxies

A new approach to haptic interaction in virtual reality environments has been proposed by a group of researchers at New York University’s (NYU) Future Reality Lab. The system, outlined in... Read More

Woojer unveils haptic vest for VR

Haptic company Woojer has unveiled the Vest, a new consumer wearable that offers an innovative technique for virtual reality gaming immersion that can also be used to enhance music and movie... Read More

Haptic glove joins the race to make augmented reality tactile

Researchers at the Auckland University of Technology have developed a haptic glove which can provide tactile feedback and control videogames, for instance allowing a user to shoot guns with a... Read More

Apple explores texture and temperature haptics for touchpads

Apple has been granted a patent for a technology which would allow touchpads and touch sensitive devices to mimic textures and temperature, simulating surfaces such as cool metals and even... Read More

SkinHaptics turns your palm into a touchscreen

Researchers from the University of Sussex have found a new method to use your skin as a touchscreen, by creating sensations on the palm using ultrasound. Called SkinHaptics, the innovation... Read More

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