Latest Hadoop publications

Big data need not mean high costs and lengthy training cycles

These days it means more to understand business processes and to transform them into data-driven opportunities - using cloud technology when needed For a lot, but certainly not all enterprises,... Read More

A new system architecture against big data insider threats

Much as law came later to the old west than the original settlers, security is coming late to big data. It’s an ironic situation, since so many big data projects... Read More

BlueData announces Intel collaboration alongside $20 million investment

Intel and BlueData have today announced their collaboration, alongside an additional equity investment from Intel Capital, with aims to simplify big data infrastructure. Whilst BlueData will develop and optimise its... Read More

Faster Reporting with Hadoop

Nathan Nickels, Head of Marketing and Operations at MetaScale, a big data company of Sears Holdings Corporation, discusses how open source tools and technologies are being leveraged to give business... Read More

CIA to open private ‘app store’ for intelligence operatives via Amazon Web Services

Next month the US Central Intelligence Agency will launch a private app marketplace via provisioning from Amazon Web Services. The announcement was made by the CIA’s Chief Information Officer Doug... Read More

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