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iCloud vulnerabilities under investigation following celebrity hacks

Apple has announced that it is looking into reports that security flaws in its cloud services led to the hacking of various celebrity accounts and the subsequent publication of nude photos and videos. The reports suggested that hackers had been able to exploit iCloud vulnerabilities and access individual celebrity accounts, used to store photos, music… Read More

The mnemonic war against ‘password1’

Technology’s tendency to stabilise and centralise may be the least desirable outcome in the field of online security, where end-users at all levels are either creating weak passwords or decorating their monitors with good ones. Perhaps a little mnemonic training can improve security while business awaits new solutions… Last week researchers at online security company… Read More

Why has Facebook acquired security start-up PrivateCore?

Facebook is keeping tight lipped about the terms of the deal, but one only needs to look at back a year to see why the social networking company has decided to acquire security start-up PrivateCore to up its game in order to protect subscribers. Reuters reported on 21st June 2013 that Facebook had admitted to… Read More

Russian hacker group steals billions of records in biggest heist known to date

p>A Russian hacker group has stolen over 1.2 billion usernames and passwords from over 500 million email accounts, in the biggest data haul known to date, warned research firm Hold Security. Around 4.5bn actual records are said to have been snatched from over 420,000 sites, including details hacked from top Fortune 500 companies, as well… Read More

Heartbleed, GOZeuS and CryptoLocker: Will your network let you down?

With the rise of prolific vulnerabilities like Heartbleed affecting SSL connections, what can businesses do to secure themselves against them? David Barker looks at examples of recent internet vulnerabilities and how businesses can protect against attack. Heartbleed – what is it? Heartbleed is a computer bug which affects SSL certificates and encryption (SSL certificates are… Read More