Latest hacking publications

Internet Archive disrupted by sustained DDoS attack

Non-profit digital library the Internet Archive has faced days of distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks as it attempts to ensure users can access services. The collections of more than 860 billion web... Read More

Auction house Christie’s victim of data breach after ransomware attack

In early May, the website for major auction house Christie’s went offline after what it described as a “technology security incident.” The attack happened as Christie’s started to sell items... Read More

Ferrari internal documents leak only, but no evidence of hacking

Luxury Italian car maker, Ferrari confirmed reports that a number of internal business documents had been posted online but are unsure of how this information has been leaked. Read More

Ransomware gang successfully hacks UK water supplier

More than five terabytes of data from South Staffs Water has reportedly been accessed by ransomware group Cl0p. A wide range of stolen files, including scans of passports and driver... Read More

Cloud platform Twilio target of successful social engineering hack

Employees at the cloud communications platform, Twilio recently fell victim to a sophisticated social engineering attack that made some customer data available to hackers. Read More

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