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Pursuing data centre efficiency with cutting-edge tech

In the data centre market, change is inevitable. New technologies are constantly developing, both inside and outside the data centre. This means that the demands on data centres are not only constantly increasing, but also changing in nature. Inside the data centre, new technologies are forever disrupting the way in which sites are operated, maintained… Read More

The role of the UPS in data centre efficiency

Data centre efficiency is an often-discussed and sometimes maligned subject. To quote Emma Fryer quoting Donald Rumsfeld – there are ‘known knowns, known unknowns and unknown unknowns.’ Not only is there a lack of reliable information, constantly differing figures, and a lot of different agendas, there are also terms and measurements that have become accepted… Read More

Cutting carbon emissions in the data centre

Electricity is a data centre’s single biggest operating cost, accounting for anything from 25-60% of its total overheads. With the need to power both its ICT equipment and provide the constant cooling to keep all their servers and support systems running safely, for the mega-sized facilities fairly commonplace these days, that’s a yearly energy bill… Read More

How a data centre cut energy bills by £335,000

As data centre managers face up to the delicate balancing act of meeting calls for increased capacity with the pressing need to reduce their environmental impact, Chris Cutler, account manager and data centre efficiency expert at Riello UPS, explains how the power protection specialist has helped one facility cut their annual carbon footprint by almost… Read More

Fears for data centre sector over Climate Change Agreement ban

Industry body TechUK has questioned the UK government’s decision to ban data centre operators from joining the Climate Change Agreement (CCA) programme after October. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) will not allow new operators or new sites from existing companies to join the programme after 31 October 2018, in order to… Read More