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Will we see an EU-wide data centre grid?

Dimitrios Paspaltzis, European Parliament ICT Official, talks to John Bensalhia about notable developments in data centre energy and power efficiency Speaking at Data Centre World 2018 about the energy and power efficiency in the European Parliament’s data centres is its ICT Official, Dimitrios Paspaltzis. “I will start giving an overview of my role inside the EP organisational… Read More

Heating Stockholm with excess data centre energy

Erik Rylander, head of Stockholm Data Parks at Stockholm Exergi, works on a scheme that utilises one of the most common by-products of data centres around the world – heat. There are very few other examples of this, yet it has the potential to change the way we think about data centres and the cities… Read More

Amazon to use data centre waste heat to warm corporate offices

Amazon recently reached a deal to use waste heat from a neighbouring, non-Amazon data centre, to heat its new corporate office complex. The agreement provides that the Westin Building Exchange, a 34-story data centre with over 60,000 square feet of managed colocation space, will vent its heat to a central plant in the Amazon tower…. Read More

Facebook signs deal to fuel Nebraska data centre with wind power

Green energy firm Enel has started construction on a Nebraska wind farm that will produce 100% of the energy for Facebook’s new data centre in the state. The Rattlesnake Creek wind farm, as it will be called, will have a total installed capacity of 320MW, of which 200MW will go to Facebook to power 100%… Read More

Microsoft to power Dutch data centre with wind power

Microsoft has signed a ten-year agreement with Swedish electricity supply organisation Vattenfall to power its Netherlands data centre operations with wind power from the Nordic firm. The terms of the agreement state that Microsoft will receive 100% of the energy produced at Vattenfall’s new onshore wind farm, set to be constructed at Wieringermeer polder (a… Read More