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Amazon branded “dirtiest” web firm – major rejects “inaccurate data”

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has slated Amazon Web Services (AWS) as “the dirtiest and least transparent” web firm, saying it is “far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of... Read More

Green data centre planned for Glenrothes this summer

Work is due to start on a £40m green data centre in Glenrothes this summer after AOC Group submitted a planning application for a 75,000 sq ft facility. AOC Group... Read More

Green data centre’s secrets revealed

A new data centre has had its potential environmental impact massively reduced by using green data centre technologies which has also helped improved its power usage effectiveness (PUE). Adam Smith,... Read More

Cloud computing’s underappreciated eco-friendly credentials – and a reminder that in the data centre “Going Green” can also m...

One possibly neglected element of most service providers’ pitch is how eco-friendly the cloud is using fewer and more efficient machines and lower climate control costs for example. There is... Read More

SAP to power its cloud computing infrastructure from 100% renewable energy – what about the rest?

OK.  So, we should own up; the cloud is no greener than on premise computing if it is still powered by carbon. But SAP has at least made a commitment... Read More

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