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How to stay green while running increased data centre workloads

As people and businesses spend more time online, data centre workloads are growing – with no sign of slowing down. Data centre owners and operators are faced with different, sometimes competing priorities – to scale data centre services to meet demand, while still maintaining progress toward environmental targets. Plans to add capacity at an existing… Read More

Majority of data centre managers not prioritising energy efficiency

New report shows IT decision makers rank energy efficiency behind security, performance and connectivity in list of concerns Green tech producer Supermicro has released its first annual “Data Centers and the Environment” report. The report, based on responses from 361 IT decision makers, reveals there is a worrying lack of urgency from data centre users… Read More

Building a green data centre: the key ingredients
John Booth, MD of Carbon 3IT and chair of DCA Energy Efficiency SIG, looks at what is needed when putting design pen to paper for green data centres. According to TechTarget a "green data centre" is a repository for the storage, management and dissemination of data in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems... Read More

Microsoft Project Natick deploys undersea cameras

Project Natick, the underwater data center launched by Microsoft in June, has installed two video cameras to monitor environmental conditions near the data center. A live feed is available for viewing here. The Natick data center nodule was deployed in the North Sea, off the coast of Orkney in Scotland. It is powered by a… Read More

The benefits of increasing temperature on energy efficiency

New research from Schneider Electric finds turning up the temperature can lower data centre PUE to provide energy savings of up to 64%. Energy efficiency requires a continual focus for both data centre designers and operators seeking to reduce costs and improve returns on investment (ROI). The drivers are many, including concerns for environmental impact… Read More