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‘Parasitic’ robots to help tackle urban pollution

Designers in Hong Kong have come up with a concept for air-purifying robots which ingest carbon dioxide, cleaning city air and producing fuel. NAS-DRA, the team behind the ‘parasitic robots’, has explained that these devices would attach onto billboards in cities such as Hong Kong sucking in urban pollution during daylight hours through a carbon-absorbent polymer paint. At… Read More

Schneider helps to create ‘greenest’ data centre in the world

Schneider Electric has announced its involvement in building the Green Mountain data centre in Rennesøy, ‘the world’s greenest data centre,’ based in a former NATO bunker among the Norwegian fjords. The facility uses 100 per cent renewable energy sources, and its servers are cooled using the surrounding seawater which results in a PUE level of… Read More

Greener cooling can mean cheaper cooling

Reducing cost and power consumption whilst increasing efficiency will continue to be a key driver in the data centre agenda says Rob Elder. Could it also mean more inward investment for the UK? As companies look to save money and reduce their carbon footprint without compromising on resilience, this will continue to drive innovations from… Read More

Green clouds on the horizon for computing

Some scientific backing for the received wisdom that cloud computing is more energy efficient than traditional models published by Science Daily. It reports on research in Austria that tackles the argument that cloud is not greener but rather it just moves or displaces the energy demands and emissions. They believe that small businesses could save… Read More

Amazon branded “dirtiest” web firm – major rejects “inaccurate data”

Environmental campaign group Greenpeace has slated Amazon Web Services (AWS) as “the dirtiest and least transparent” web firm, saying it is “far behind its major competitors, with zero reporting of its energy or environmental footprint to any source or stakeholder.” The cloud major has reacted angrily to the claims slamming Greenpeace’s US arm’s report Clicking… Read More