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Apple in massive solar energy deal to power data centres and new campus

Apple CEO Tim Cooke has said that the company will settle a partnership with First Solar to design and build a huge solar energy farm to power its retail, corporate and data centre estate in California. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, Cook announced that the farm will provide… Read More

Would it be barking mad to email a tree?

The City of Melbourne has made a bigger-than-average bid for the attention of tree huggers everywhere, by giving them the chance to email any tree in the city – and have a tolerable chance of an intelligent response. But this is not the beginning of the Internet of Trees (IoTr?) – even though it is… Read More

French startup to introduce silent wind turbine ‘trees’ into cities

Wind turbines have been plugged as a great sustainable energy choice but complaints continue to weigh against their favour; they’re ugly, noisy, and dangerous to birds. A French startup has now proposed a design for an ‘Arbre à Vent’ or Wind Tree, bringing a new and more aesthetically pleasing version of the turbine into towns… Read More

Data centres are key to driving smart cities and national energy savings, says Green Grid Vice President Roger Tipley

The Stack speaks with Roger Tipley, Engineering Strategist at Hewlett-Packard and Vice President of The Green Grid, about improving efficiency across the data centre and complete IT estate. He explains that in the future data centres will be key to driving the success of smart cities and national sustainability efforts. You have recently stepped into the position… Read More

NGD becomes first operator in the world to achieve perfect PUE

Next Generation Data (NGD) has this week become the first data centre operator to offer its customers a power usage effectiveness (PUE) ratio of 1.0 – meeting Green Grid’s highest energy efficiency standard. Many industry experts claim that the rating is almost impossible to achieve – a reputation which will help boost the company’s position… Read More