Latest graphene publications

Graphene-based film quadruples speed of electronics cooling

Researchers are developing a technology which is able to cool electronic devices using graphene film. The team of scientists from Chalmers University of Technology has designed the graphene-based film which has four times the thermal conductivity capacity of copper. With an ever increasing demand for computing performance, electrical components generate a large amount of heat and… Read More

Mysterious osmosis lets spiders weave graphene-reinforced webs

An Italian research scientist has produced the strongest fibres ever measured simply by spraying spiders with carbon and graphene. Emiliano Lepore’s research [PDF] at the University of Trento has an almost Marvel-style simplicity that can only add to the current status of graphene as a font of endless wonders and industrial promise. But exploiting the… Read More

Methane leak unlocks potential for revolutionary graphene production

Caltech scientists have today published a new technique for producing graphene at room temperature – ushered by an accidental methane leak – which could be critical for future commercial production of the material. Graphene, the revolutionary atom-thick layer of carbon, is the thinnest compound ever created and is hailed for its incredible strength and conductivity capabilities…. Read More

Graphene breakthrough promises ‘million-fold improvement’ in current hard drive storage capacity

Research scientists at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have developed a technique of magnetising graphene that it claims promises a ‘million-fold’ increase in the current storage capability of hard drives. Graphene can exhibit magnetic properties either through manufacturing defects or the binding of chemical groups to the so-called ‘wonder’ material, but the problem of creating… Read More

New Chinese graphene smartphones boost battery life by 50%

The first graphene phones have been unveiled today by two Chinese firms, Moxi and Galapad. The smartphones feature touch screens, batteries and thermal conduction, all of which incorporate the recently isolated ‘wonder’ material known for its extraordinary electrical conductivity, and strong chemical and mechanical properties. 30,000 graphene phones, which will use the Android system, were… Read More