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Israel pledges $24 million to boost cybersecurity

The government of Israel has announced a $24 million USD program dedicated to supporting cybersecurity initiatives. The Israel Innovation Authority, in conjunction with the Ministry of Economy and Industry, and the National Cyber Directorate have designed a three-pronged program consisting of investing in startups, supporting larger companies making strides in new security technologies, and supplying… Read More

Microsoft announces Azure Stack for government

Microsoft has announced the availability of Microsoft Azure Stack for Azure Government customers. This announcement comes in the midst of a battle among top cloud providers to win the $10 billion Pentagon JEDI contract. With the new offering, Azure Stack can be integrated with the Azure government, providing customers with a hybrid cloud solution for… Read More

UK government rushes through £500 million data centre contract

The UK government has signed a £500 million contract for data centre facilities with Crown Hosting Data Centres without putting the contract out for tender, Computer Business Review has reported. The report cites a notice of procurement, which states that ‘any operator must for the sake of the country’s CNI (critical national infrastructure) have the… Read More

Six Degrees extends public sector offering

Managed service provider Six Degrees has added to its portfolio of data centres in the UK in order to entice in more public sector customers. Carrenza, the public sector arm of Six Degrees, is adding two new availability zones through government accredited Ark Data Centres, allowing the company to hold data at government ‘official and… Read More

Demis Hassabis, Tabitha Goldstaub, Wendy Hall to help UK AI

Dr Demis Hassabis, Tabitha Goldstaub and Dame Wendy Hall will be advising the UK government on AI as it looks to develop the technology. Hassabis is behind the now Google-owned AI project DeepMind, which gained worldwide fame after the AlphaGo project, which beat a human champion in notoriously complex Chinese board game Go. He has… Read More