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US government sues data broker Kochava over location tracking

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently sued data broker Kochava for allegedly selling extremely precise geolocation data obtained from hundreds of millions of devices. In the lawsuit filed by the FTC, it asserts that this data has the potential to be used to accurately track the movements of people to and from sensitive locations, including places of worship, homeless and domestic violence shelters and reproductive health centres.

AdaniConneX plans to add 1,000 MW to India footprint

AdaniConneX, the data centre division of India’s Adani Group, announced a plan to add 1,000 MW to their data centre footprint in India over the next 10 years. When executed, this will quadruple the company’s capacity, which currently stands at approximately 250 MW deployed and in development, according to the company’s website.

UK Home Office launches Scale-up visa for tech talent

It’s no secret that top-tier tech talent is hard to find, with skilled staff having a great deal of choice in selecting where they want to work. In a bid to attract skilled workers to the UK, the Home Office has announced the launch of a Scale-up visa for firms to sponsor valuable tech talent.

Australian government seeks new data centre providers

The Australian Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has announced a request that most data centre companies should be considered for the new whole-of-government data panel if they wish.

UK Government signs deal with software firm Salesforce

A one-year memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed by The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) with technology firm Salesforce.