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AI Adoption – Data governance must take precedence

Imagine this, if you will. You’ve just bought a new car, it’s the latest model with all the frills. All of these extras make parking a doddle, your emissions reduced and your journeys smoother. You use your car nearly every day from that point onwards. You ignore the engine light when it comes on and don’t get that rattling noise checked out.

Now imagine that your organisation has adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools but doesn’t adopt tools and procedures to care for the data. New cars and AI adoption may be miles apart, but for both to function optimally, correct procedures and routine care are essential.

The good and bad of blockchain governance with Chorum

Mark Simpson, distinguished engineer at Chorum, on the good and bad of blockchain governance. At Blockchain Technology World, Chorum is sharing what they have learnt about governance on public blockchains and proposing a new set of business models with strong governance and incentivisation. Book your free ticket today: www.tkrt.io/2019 reg Blockchain Technology World, 12-13 March,… Read More