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Germany tells Tesla drivers to keep their eyes on the road with Autopilot

Germany’s Federal Motor Authority has sent a letter to Tesla owners warning them that they must pay full attention to their driving whilst using the autopilot feature. The letter advises... Read More

Microsoft invests $3 billion in cloud and European data centres, including France

Microsoft has announced that its investment in European data centres has now reached a commitment of $3 billion, and will extend to France and beyond. CEO Satya Nadella is currently... Read More

Microsoft launches two Azure regions in Germany

Microsoft has announced the general availability of its two new Azure regions in Germany, Germany Northeast (Magdeburg) and Germany Central (Frankfurt am Main). While the data centres will immediately deliver... Read More

Adblock Plus creates AdTech platform for ‘whitelisted’ ads. Still taking 30%

Adblock Plus, last reported to have nearly 200 million users around the world, has launched a new ad-serving framework at AdTech, one of the major network advertising providers which it... Read More

World’s smallest camera lens heralds biotech revolution

German researchers have developed the world’s tiniest 3D-printed lens, which could be integrated into cameras just twice the width of a human hair, revolutionising medical imaging, surveillance, robotics and drone... Read More

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