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So 7% of German Tesla owners think they own a fully self-driving car?

Opinion Tesla has posted an uncharacteristically brief rebuttal to assertions made by Germany’s Federal Motor Authority, warning Tesla drivers that their car’s Autopilot feature does not excuse them from giving the road – and the wheel – their undivided attention, like all other drivers. The rebuttal reads: ‘In response to Germany’s Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA)’s suggestion that… Read More

Telco CEO: Consumers have ‘double standards’ over data privacy

Despite consumers continuing to criticise corporate attempts at monetising data, they are happily handing over data to major tech companies such as Facebook, according to the head of Telefonica Deutschland, Thorsten Dirks. Dirks argued that there is a double standard among consumers who ‘scrutinise any attempt to make money off their data’, while at the… Read More

Tesla acquires Grohmann Engineering to launch global industrial automation research centres

Tesla Motors has acquired German specialist plant machine manufacturer Grohmann Engineering GmbH, the foundation stone in the launch of a new Tesla Advanced Automation headquarters in Germany – and further industrial research centres around the world. The company announced the agreement to buy on its site, but did not disclose the figures involved in the… Read More

Germany tells Tesla drivers to keep their eyes on the road with Autopilot

Germany’s Federal Motor Authority has sent a letter to Tesla owners warning them that they must pay full attention to their driving whilst using the autopilot feature. The letter advises Tesla motorists that German road regulations mandate that the driver of a vehicle be alert and in control of the vehicle whilst operating it. Autopilot… Read More

Microsoft invests $3 billion in cloud and European data centres, including France

Microsoft has announced that its investment in European data centres has now reached a commitment of $3 billion, and will extend to France and beyond. CEO Satya Nadella is currently on a business charm offensive across Europe, together with the company’s President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith – and both seem determined to close… Read More