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Amazon launches artificial intelligence research centre in Germany

Amazon is launching an artificial intelligence (AI) research centre in Germany’s Cyber Valley, in an attempt to improve customer experience. Germany’s Cyber Valley, in a region near Stuttgart and Tübingen, a traditional university town, was created through a collaboration between the Max Planck Society, universities, and six major companies including Facebook and BMW. The collaborative… Read More

Zenium receives funding for second Frankfurt facility

Data centre provider Zenium has received €100 million (approx. £90 million) in senior secured credit facilities for its German arm, Zenium Germany GmbH. The transaction will allow the firm to refinance its existing, operational data centre in Frankfurt – known as Frankfurt One, and fund the building and fit-out of Frankfurt Two, its second data… Read More

Germany to fine social media €50mn for illegal content

The German government has voted in favor of a new law that includes, among other things, fines of up to €50 million to social media companies that fail to remove ‘obviously illegal’ content in a set time frame. The new law, known as NetzDG, will be effective in October of this year and outlines strict timelines for… Read More

Data centre for cosmological simulations launched

A team of astrophysicists at the Technical University of Munich have announced a new data center, specifically designed for cosmological studies. The Cosmowebportal was created to address the enormous amounts of data involved in creating, viewing and manipulating cosmological simulations. The Cosmowebportal provides scientists with access to the cosmological hydrodynamic simulations from the Magneticum Pathfinder,… Read More

IBM Cloud selected for BMW connected car

BMW and IBM have announced a partnership to work together on a platform for the connected car. BMW’s CarData platform was created to run on the IBM Bluemix cloud, giving the new platform access to IBM Watson IoT capabilities. The BMW CarData platform helps drivers access third-party providers of diagnostic and repair services or vehicle insurance. CarData collects… Read More