Latest GDPR publications

Data breaches, security and GDPR – getting a consistent, continuous approach in place

Darron Gibbard of Qualys explores how GDPR is placing a spotlight on the importance of effective data breach reporting.  GDPR is nearly here. For all companies that have customers in Europe, putting new data privacy and security rules in place has been on the agenda for the last year. However, there are still some areas where… Read More

GDPR may hinder cybersecurity, say experts

GDPR, which will be enforced in just over a month’s time, may seriously hinder cybersecurity capabilities, according to some cybersecurity experts. Well-known cybersecurity investigative journalist Brian Krebs has predicted a rise in ‘spam, phishing and just about every form of cybercrime’ due to GDPR’s impact on the WHOIS tool, which he described as the ‘single… Read More

Is your data centre ready for GDPR?

Luca Rozzoni, European business development manager, Chatsworth Products (CPI), discusses methods of ensuring compliance. While security has always been a key consideration for the data centre industry, the upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – a strict set of regulations set to protect data privacy – means that data protection and security policies have… Read More

The changing face of identity in the 2020s

As the notions and methods of identity continue to change in the 21st century, Dr Victoria Baines speaks to John Bensalhia ahead of her appearance at Cloud Security Expo 2018 Who are we? Once upon a time, identity was all too simple. From name tags or badges to signatures, that’s all it took to prove your… Read More

The past, present and future of cloud from an industry veteran

Ian Moyse, Board Member at Cloud Industry Forum and Director at Natterbox, spoke to The Stack about the lingering concerns over cloud adoption and the rapidly approaching ‘tipping point’, ahead of his session at Cloud Expo Europe, London 2018 Given the extent to which the cloud is ingrained in every part of our lives, and… Read More