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Digital Consent Managers: Just what the data ordered

UK Digital Consent Managers Digi.me and Consentric offer businesses the tools to restore consumer confidence and a whole lot more. For customers, they are a vital wallet for a digital age. For businesses, they unfreeze a potential data winter. How many people would you trust with the keys to your house? Outside of family members and… Read More

ad:tech 2018: Data challenges facing advertisers in 2018 and beyond
Day one of ad:tech kicked off at London’s Olympia yesterday, kickstarting a two-day event showcasing the latest insights and vendor offerings from the world of advertising One of the morning’s keynotes that particularly caught our eye was a panel discussion on the data challenges currently facing advertisers. Just after 11, we headed over to the... Read More

Charity sector commits high number of data breach offences

Charities have committed a high number of data breach offences, with over 140 cases reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) between 2017 and 2018, according to a recent study from corporate investigations firm Kroll. It has been revealed that a 2016 cyber attack on the British and Foreign Bible Society, due to an unrepaired… Read More

The mania of GDPR Day One

The first day of GDPR is proving manic, with many U.S. websites unavailable in the EU and an activist immediately going after major tech firms. Known to many as GDPR Day, the 25th May is a big date for many reasons; not least because it should put an end to incessant emails begging for permission to… Read More

Microsoft to extend GDPR rights internationally

Microsoft has announced that it will be extending the rights contained in the European General Data Protection Regulations to all of its customers around the world. Microsoft has said that it will extend GDPR principles, which apply in the European Union, to all of its customers around the world. In a blog post, Julie Brill,… Read More