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Tech giants pressure GCHQ to axe plans to eavesdrop on encrypted chats

Apple, Google and WhatsApp have joined others in warning the idea could threaten security and trust Tech giants including Apple, Google and WhatsApp have urged GCHQ to abandon a proposal that would allow it to eavesdrop on encrypted chat conversations. More than 50 companies, civil society organisations and security experts have united to voice concern… Read More

GCHQ planning UK-wide DNS ‘firewall’

UK surveillance agency GCHQ is exploring the use of a national ‘firewall’ in its fight against cybercrime, according to the organisation’s head of cybersecurity. Alongside BT, Talk Talk and Virgin Media, GCHQ will work to filter out websites and email campaigns which are known to contain malicious content. The intelligence organisation believes that the best… Read More

GCHQ launches cybersecurity consultancy to help reduce vulnerabilities in public sector

British spy agency GCHQ has this week announced a new UK scheme providing certified cybersecurity consultancy services for government customers and those in the wider public sector. Following the launch of the programme Ciaran Martin, GCHQ’s public head of cybersecurity, spoke to audiences at this year’s Infosec Europe about the agency’s assumed role as the… Read More

Global SIM card cyber ‘heist’ organised by US and UK spy agencies

Intelligence agencies in the UK and the United States hacked into the SIM card database of a major manufacturer in order to steal encryption codes which allowed them to decode data from mobile phones, according to a US report. The Intercept claimed that the breach was revealed in a number of files provided by former US intelligence… Read More

Spy court rules GCHQ surveillance was unlawful

GCHQ online surveillance was ruled unlawful [PDF] by a secretive UK court today. The Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT), the court responsible for monitoring British intelligence agencies, said that GCHQ activity allowing access to data from the US National Security Agency (NSA) breached human rights law. IPT said that the breached European laws related to Article… Read More