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OpenStack moves to help users navigate ecosystem

The OpenStack Foundation, tasked with developing the opportunity for open source cloud building software, has moved to bring clarity to the market surrounding OpenStack by launching a web site to bring as much product and service information together as possible in one place. Announced on the first day of the Foundation’s summit in Atlanta, OpenStack… Read More

Gartner indicates rise in IT focus for CEOs

Chloe Green comments on recent findings by Gartner who predict 2014 to be the year that CEOs and senior executives prioritise business growth and development. Green suggests CEOs should be focussed on applying the latest IT technologies to bring about this growth, and according to Gartner, this trend is already very much underway as IT… Read More

The evolution of the data centre: simplifying network architecture to reduce costs

Virtualisation has changed forever the way data centres are run – and not always in ways that were anticipated. Now, writes Paul Bonner, the head of technical services at Hardware.com, operators can further reduce costs and simplify their networks by taking a multi-vendor approach. Previously when IT professionals discussed network infrastructure and data centre costs,… Read More

Preventing data leakage – a solution from Storgrid?

The reseller market is not geared towards selling the cloud because it’s a completely different model, said Rob Christ the CEO of Storgrid. But, he said, with its epnoymous enterprise file service 2.0 solution resellers, telcos, systems integrators and distributors have the opportunity to build or customise their file and sync solutions to meet their… Read More

Gartner reveals 10 misconceptions (and lies) about software defined networking

Andrew Lerner, a Garter research director, debunks several myths and misunderstandings about what SDN is (and what it isn’t). Here’s an example: Excerpt (5) Programmatic control does not mean developers “own” the network – Network folks tend to get a little twitchy when they hear that SDN allows “programmatic access to the network”. The typical… Read More