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Xbox One firmware update removes ‘Region Lock’ in China

Xbox One owners in China have received the additional feature ‘removal of Region Lock’ after its April firmware updates available at 11pm last night, according to gamer reports. Microsoft is yet to officially confirm the open. Previously, Xbox One users in the region were not permitted to access games, videos and other media content from… Read More

UK offers tax breaks to video games that satisfy ‘Britishness’ test

The British government has announced that it will be offering millions of pounds worth of tax incentives to help support the growing digital gaming industry in the UK – however in order to benefit video games must be seen to be promoting British culture. The government has long offered tax breaks to those filming nationally but, taking… Read More

Nintendo partners with DeNA to bring gaming to your smartphone

Nintendo announced today at a Tokyo press conference that it would be teaming up with Japanese mobile giant DeNA to develop smartphone games, in an effort to keep hold of its users increasingly drawn away from console gaming. It was revealed that the two firms would buy 22bn yen (approx. £123mn) worth of shares in each… Read More

Microsoft closes gap between Windows 10 and Xbox One with ‘crossplay’ plans

In its attempt to make console gaming more accessible, Microsoft has announced that it will be developing universal apps which can run across Xbox One and Windows 10, as well as smartphones and other mobile devices using the upcoming OS. “Our goal with gaming at Microsoft is to allow people to play games wherever they… Read More

MindLeap VR gaming headset powered by brainwaves

MindMaze, a spin-off company from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), has today announced that it has recently closed a funding round valuing $8.5mn (approx. £5.6mn) for its ‘thought-powered VR game system’ – MindLeap. The virtual and augmented reality headset combines electroencephalogram technology (EEG) and integrated 3D capture cameras mounted on the head to track… Read More