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Azure data centres to power new Xbox streaming service

Microsoft has announced Project xCloud, a new game streaming service that allows gamers to play Xbox games on a range of compatible devices. Any content provider knows that making content... Read More

Fortnite on Android at risk of malware

Fortnite players on Android devices are at risk of downloading malware infections to their phones, security experts have warned. This is due in part to Epic Games’ decision to bypass... Read More

Blockchain-based eSport game launches presale

The world’s first blockchain-based eSport game, Gods Unchained, has begun presale of trading cards that are used in gameplay. The game uses a unique hybrid system, combining on-chain and off-chain... Read More

Online gaming: what are the data demands?

There are already more than 20 million online gamers in the UK alone. Video games are big business and only going to get even more popular. Riello UPS General Manager... Read More

Gaming studio Digital Homicide pulls out of $18 million harassment lawsuit

Litigious games studio Digital Homicide has withdrawn from an $18 million lawsuit against Steam users, who it accused of hate and harassment, announcing that the company has been ‘destroyed’ by... Read More

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