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Gamers are cybercriminals’ victim of choice, research claims

The gaming industry is under near-constant attack from cybercriminals, with gamers also regularly targeted, research suggests. Research from cybersecurity and content delivery firm Akamai said there had been ten billion... Read More

Q&A: Online gaming and cyber security, with Limelight Networks’ Steve Miller-Jones

As Vice President of Product Strategy at Limelight Networks, Steve Miller-Jones focuses on driving the long term product roadmap for the company with a focus on delivering the highest quality... Read More

Experts urge gamers to play responsibly to avoid straining internet networks 

An industry expert has suggested that gamers should only play during the evening  Video gamers have been urged to play at “reasonable times” to avoid putting extra strain on internet... Read More

5G and gaming: Spotlight on virtual reality

There is no doubt 5G has the potential to revolutionise the way we interact with the physical and virtual world. Yet, guesstimates of how much of a generational shift in... Read More

Xbox cloud gaming service coming to the UK in October

Xbox has confirmed its video game streaming service, Project xCloud, will come to the UK in October. As part of a public preview to test the service, which will enable... Read More

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