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Interview: Why digital wellbeing should be top of the C-Suite agenda

We know the dangers posed by unfettered digital consumption and how it not only affects employee health and wellbeing, but business productivity and talent acquisition/retention. With the cloud, companies now... Read More

Are we headed towards a hybrid future?

John Shannon – partner director at workplace data analytics firm Tiger – explores the intricacies of hybrid working and what role it will play in 2020 and beyond. Read More

The future workplace: 5 AI and analytics trends to build lasting resilience

Andrew Duncan outlines five ways that companies are embedding data-driven decision making to enable business resilience. Read More

108,000 retail jobs lost to automation and e-commerce since 2011

More than 100,000 high street retail jobs have been lost to automation and e-commerce since 2011, according to a report. Women and regional workers were most affected as retailers cut... Read More

Will AI ever be emotionally intelligent?

Being able to understand another’s emotions is undeniably a vital and defining characteristic for anyone looking to be successful in a customer-facing role. But as we enter a new digital... Read More

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