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New gadget can clone 15 contactless cards a second

A new scanner device is being sold on the black market to thieves looking to steal personal information from contactless payment cards, including bank account details, names and addresses. The gadget is able to capture credit and debit card numbers, and can read other personal information displayed on the cards. In some cases, mini-statements can… Read More

Trump’s Hotel Collection investigates potential credit card breach

Donald Trump’s luxury hotel business is carrying out a ‘thorough investigation’ into claims that its IT systems had been affected in a security breach which stole customers’ credit and debit card details. Security reporter Brain Krebs pointed out that U.S. banks had highlighted a trend of fraudulent purchases from accounts owned by customers who had stayed… Read More

118 arrested for air ticket fraud in global cybercrime crackdown

More than a hundred cybercriminals have been arrested this week following a global Europol probe into the use of stolen credit cards to pay for plane tickets. The European police agency’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) ran the investigation in 45 countries, across 60 airlines, with operation headquarters in The Hague, Singapore, and Bogota, Colombia. According to… Read More