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Cyber fraudsters ditch big money hauls for ‘silent stealing’

Cyber fraudsters are switching from big money scams to con people out of as little as £10 on a massive scale in a phenomenon dubbed “silent stealing”, a new report... Read More

Identity and AI: The recipe for a strong fraud defence

The market has long demanded quicker and more convenient payment methods, and the industry is now answering with ubiquitous payments. Yet at what cost? PSD2 and open banking are now... Read More

Global ad fraud scheme cashed in $7 million using data centre “methbot”

Criminal group’s methbot scheme rented more than 1,900 computer servers hosted in Dallas data centres to load ads on fabricated websites A major fraud operation which caused businesses millions of dollars in... Read More

Bitcoin firms to pay $10 million for Ponzi scheme

The U.S. District Court has issued a final judgement against two Connecticut-based bitcoin mining companies, ruling that each was run as a Ponzi scheme. GAW Miners and ZenMiner must each... Read More

Free Android app protects Chinese from phone scams

A new app, developed by a team from Pujiang Tech in the Shenzhen province, helps Chinese citizens recognize and report phone scams and other telecoms fraud. Vanguard Against Scams is... Read More

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