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Tactical radio SYNAPS to act as military ‘nervous system’

French defence and security company Thales has launched a new tactical software-defined radio system designed for use in collaborative combat. SYNAPS, unveiled at this year’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, is a broadband-based system which aims to improve on the current radios deployed by armed forces, speeding up response times in the field for group communications,… Read More

Uber has an exceptionally bad day in France and Germany

Global ride-sharing crusader Uber, which rarely passes a day without skirmish in one of its target markets worldwide, has had a particularly tough 24 hours, as France fines it for running an ‘illegal taxi service’ and German courts uphold a protested ban on running an ‘unlicensed’ service. Today the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt threw… Read More

Front National seeks French ban on Bitcoin

The French right-wing party Front National (FN) has said that it would ban the use of virtual currencies, including Bitcoin, should it get into power. In a public notice [French] released on the 26th May, the political party argued that only one single currency should legally be in circulation in any country at a given time… Read More

French inquiry launched after live suicide broadcast on Periscope

French authorities have launched an investigation after a young woman recorded her suicide which streamed live to over 1,000 connected followers on the online video app Periscope. According to local reports [French], prosecutors in Évry, Essone, a suburb 15 miles south of Paris, confirmed they had opened the inquiry following the incident which saw the 19-year-old… Read More

European Commission supports Uber in challenge against French taxi law

The European Commission is backing U.S.-based Uber in challenging a French law on taxi services and chauffeured vehicles, which the ride-hailing giant believes favours regulated taxis over app-based systems. The Thévenoud Law [French], established in October 2014, stipulates that taxi services operate from a base between fares and restricts the use of software to locate customers…. Read More