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Microsoft invests $3 billion in cloud and European data centres, including France

Microsoft has announced that its investment in European data centres has now reached a commitment of $3 billion, and will extend to France and beyond. CEO Satya Nadella is currently on a business charm offensive across Europe, together with the company’s President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith – and both seem determined to close… Read More

AWS expands European data centre reach with new French region

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has announced that it is launching a new Paris data centre region in 2017, in response to growing European demand for local cloud services. ‘To support our customers’ growth, their digital transformation, and to speed up their innovation and lower the cost of running their IT, we continue to build out… Read More

Parisian nuclear shelter transformed into modern data centre

French hosting provider Online.net has revealed its new data centre – a converted nuclear fallout shelter 26 metres below the streets of Paris. The company noted in a blog post that the building had once been a ‘passive defence structure’ to accommodate 90 in the 1930s. Located at a disused quarry in Paris’ 15th arrondisement,… Read More

Tactical radio SYNAPS to act as military ‘nervous system’

French defence and security company Thales has launched a new tactical software-defined radio system designed for use in collaborative combat. SYNAPS, unveiled at this year’s Eurosatory exhibition in Paris, is a broadband-based system which aims to improve on the current radios deployed by armed forces, speeding up response times in the field for group communications,… Read More

Uber has an exceptionally bad day in France and Germany

Global ride-sharing crusader Uber, which rarely passes a day without skirmish in one of its target markets worldwide, has had a particularly tough 24 hours, as France fines it for running an ‘illegal taxi service’ and German courts uphold a protested ban on running an ‘unlicensed’ service. Today the Higher Regional Court in Frankfurt threw… Read More