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Viking introduces 50TB SSD

Viking Technology, a leading global supplier of non-volatile memory solutions including DRAM and solid state drives, has launched a new line of Ultra High Capacity (UHC) solid state drives for... Read More

Broadcom, KKR lead bids for Toshiba chip business

The second round of offers in the sale of Toshiba Memory ended today, with Broadcom and KKR emerging as the leading bidders. Inside sources said that as KKR & Co.... Read More

Western Digital files for arbitration in Toshiba dispute

Western Digital has filed a request for arbitration with the International Chamber of Commerce, stating that Toshiba violated the companies’ joint venture contracts by spinning off the flash memory business into... Read More

HPE acquires Nimble Storage to deliver all-flash data centre

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has announced that it has bought Nimble Storage for $1.2 billion (approx. £988 million), in an effort to drive its vision for the all-flash data centre.... Read More

How the Met Office is solving the British weather with High Performance Computing

If you’re looking for big data, just look up. Weather analysis requires petascale-class pipelines, with seven-day forecasts needing approximately 2000 time-steps for prediction, and each time-step requiring trillions of computer... Read More

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