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Firefox discontinues tab groups (aka Panorama) in favour of Pocket

To my personal annoyance, The Mozilla Foundation are removing the Tab Groups feature (also known as Panorama) from the Firefox web browser from version 45 onwards*, citing ‘declining usage’ as the reason. The post about it, which apparently went up on November 12th, is likely to fuel recent public ire over the fact that Firefox… Read More

Firefox introduces ad and tracking block in Private Browsing mode

Mozilla has extended the security of its Firefox Private Browsing by introducing an ad and tracker-blocking feature, available from today. Private Browsing Mode, also known as Incognito on Chrome, keeps browser history and cookies secure by deleting the information when the browser window is closed. However, Mozilla warned that this does not prevent users from… Read More

Cookies can render secure websites vulnerable in all modern browsers

CERT have issued a new directive notifying that cookies can be used to allow remote attackers to bypass a secure protocol (HTTPS) and reveal private session information – and that modern browsers, including Apple’s Safari, Mozilla’s Firefox and Google’s Chrome, currently provide no protection against the attack vector. Research indicates that secure sites as important… Read More

OneCRL: Firefox 37 to check security certificates via blocklist

The next version of Firefox will include a ‘pushed’ blocklist of revoked intermediate security certificates, in an effort to avoid using Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) checks to ascertain the continuing validity of a security certificate. Under the new OneCRL system the list of revoked intermediate certificates (RICs) will reside locally to the end-user in… Read More

Firefox considers return to iOS

After years of opposing a complete iOS version of its Firefox browser, Mozilla seems to be revaluating its stance. In a statement made by Firefox VP Jonathan Nightingale at an internal Mozilla event, and relayed by Firefox release manager Lukas Blakk, employees were told that Mozilla “need[s] to be where our users are so we’re going… Read More