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Mozilla releases ‘rebellious’ selfie app against EU copyright reform

In response to the European Union’s (EU) proposed copyright reforms, web browser Mozilla has created a new app, called Post Crimes, which it believes highlights the outdated and harmful nature... Read More

Firefox FlyWeb offers platform-agnostic IoT interactions

Mozilla is developing a new framework that will let the browser interact directly with IoT-enabled devices, bypassing all but local networks. Called FlyWeb, the feature is currently built into Firefox... Read More

Highly-cloaked USB malware can piggy-back on ‘portable’ applications

A new USB-based malware has been identified which has unusual powers to evade detection, and which can also leverage the mobility of ‘portable’ applications such as ‘standalone’ versions of Firefox... Read More

Mozilla testing four new IoT solutions

Mozilla announced this week that it has identified a shortlist of projects for development and testing in their Internet of Things experiment. This follows last December’s decision to stop competing... Read More

Firefox sacrifices beauty in order to end browser freeze

A new post at mozilla.org announces that Firefox 46 will finally cure the browser freeze syndrome known as ‘jank’ – the moment where scrolling becomes impossible because of a backlog... Read More

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