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Japan considers treating Bitcoin as real money

Regulators in Japan are considering officially recognising bitcoins and other digital currencies as valid methods of payment. The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) is reportedly in the process of deciding whether to make legislative revisions to regulation that currently regards virtual currencies as objects rather than traditional forms of payment. Under the new proposal, consumers will… Read More

MasterCard rolls out ‘selfie’ verification for mobile payments

MasterCard has announced plans to invest in facial recognition technology in the UK, in a push to reduce false decline transactions and increase security for mobile payments. Following trials in countries including the U.S. and the Netherlands, ‘Selfie Pay’ will be introduced in Britain [paywalled] as part of the financial services company’s identity validation process. Users will… Read More

UK banks must raise quality of code to avoid future outages

Vishal Bhatnagar, senior vice president and country manager at CAST UK, writes about the importance of software quality and UK banks’ negligence in this respect… A recent spell of outages at leading UK banks has served to draw attention to the lack of IT visibility in these institutions. The systems used by some of these… Read More

Thomson Reuters progresses with financial app store

Data and news company Thomson Reuters is getting into the field of Financial Technology (Fintech) to meet the growing demands of banks and other financial organisations. In an interview conducted with Business Insider UK, Thomson Reuters’ Global Head of Desktop Platform, Albert Lojko, said that Fintech activity has “infused all the thinking of our customers.” The technology… Read More

Bank consortium R3CEV successfully tests Bitcoin tech in traditional bank transactions

R3CEV, a startup dedicated to bringing blockchain technology to traditional finance, yesterday ran a successful test of transactions between 11 of the world’s largest financial institutions. This represents a big step forward in bringing blockchain, the foundation for Bitcoin, to traditional banking. The test, which connected the banks on a private ‘distributed ledger’ using Microsoft’s… Read More