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U.S. financial regulators see Bitcoin as threat to market stability

The Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC), a group of powerful U.S. regulators, has warned that Bitcoin and blockchain technologies could present a threat to financial stability and has advised that market structures should adapt in preparation for a reduced importance of conventional, centralised banking. The FSOC includes representatives from the Federal Reserve, the Securities and Exchange… Read More

Beaten British banks need to modernise and improve software quality management

Lev Lesokhin, EVP Strategy and Analytics, CAST, highlights the weaknesses in UK banking IT, and explains why we are falling behind U.S. and European counterparts… Following outages at some of the UK’s leading banks including Barclays and, most recently HSBC, which left customers unable to access funds for up to two days, means system failures are… Read More

WeChat proprietor Tencent seeks $2 billion loan for FinTech expansion

The Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, most famous for its WeChat messaging app, is reported to be soliciting a loan that could run as high as two billion dollars in order to deepen its interests in the FinTech sector. The information was provided to Reuters from undisclosed sources who said that they were not… Read More

Singapore proposes payment system which only requires an email address

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has outlined a number of new experimental FinTech proposals, including one which would enable payments to individuals where the only information the payer needs is the payee’s email address. Other possible ‘tokens’ include a Facebook (or other social network) ID, the subject’s mobile phone number or ‘other proxies’. It’s… Read More

Australia promises to remove tax on Bitcoin, support FinTech innovation

The Australian government announced today that Bitcoin and other digital currencies would no longer be subject to Goods and Services Tax (GST), and regulations would become more lenient to support startups and entrepreneurs in the country. Treasurer Scott Morrison noted in a detailed policy statement today that various new law proposals would see GST removed… Read More