Latest Finland publications

Microsoft data centres heating homes in Finland

Transporting heat requires insulated plumbing and ducts, which are quite expensive. Adding piping to share heat from a data centre to a location only 400 metres away could add a... Read More

NordVPN reveals data centre breach

Popular virtual private network service NordVPN confirmed one of its rented data centre servers suffered a breach in March 2018. In an announcement posted on the company's website Monday, the... Read More

LTE network trials prioritise public safety traffic

Nokia along with Finland’s State Security Networks Group, and Telia, have successfully trialled a priority system whereby public safety communications are triaged over other data traffic in LTE networks. The... Read More

Cold-country data centres rated most attractive to business

The latest version of an influential survey which ranks data centre locations worldwide shows a massive shift of the core rankings since the previous one three years ago, with colder... Read More

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