Latest FBI publications

FBI signs Twitter surveillance contract

The FBI has signed a contract with Dataminr, a company that sifts through the Twitter newsfeed to identify issues and trends in real time. Dataminr will provide the bureau with... Read More

FBI extends piracy-hunt to Romania, sites shut down

The FBI have assisted Romanian authorities in the closure of three piracy-based torrent sites in the region. A report from the prosecutor’s office in Romania’s High Court of Cassation and... Read More

Encryption: FBI and U.S. Justice Department appeal to congress

FBI director James Comey joins Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates in an appeal to congress today regarding their concerns – which mirror those of many other security and enforcement agencies... Read More

UK National Crime Agency chief joins governments’ call for reduced online privacy

In the wake of vocal criticism by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney General of the increased personal security offered by new technologies such as Tor and client-side encryption, the UK’s National Crime... Read More

U.S. Attorney General echoes FBI’s objection to increased mobile security

Departing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has reinforced the emerging objections of law enforcement departments to the new trend for client-side encryption in consumer devices. Speaking before the Global Alliance... Read More

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