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Equinix prepares for ‘second wave’ of data centre and cloud computing

Equinix looks set to be moving onto the ‘second wave’ of data centre and cloud computing as the rush to build data centres slows and moves towards service and business transformation. In order to address this paradigm shift, the global colocation data centre company has created a new department, the Strategy, Services and Innovation (SSI)… Read More

Equinix to invest $42mn in Sydney data centre

Equinix has announced that it will invest a further $42 million in the Sydney SY4 data center. The Phase Two expansion of the SY4 data center will double the total capacity of the facility to 3,000 cabinets, with usable floor space of over 130,000 square feet. The Phase Two expansion is scheduled to be completed… Read More

Equinix opens AM4 data centre in Amsterdam

Equinix has announced the opening of a new $113 million International Business Exchange data center in Amsterdam. The Equinix AM4 facility has space for over 1,500 cabinets in Phase One, and is expected to grow with four planned expansion phases. At full build, the data center will have 4,200 cabinets comprising 125,000 square feet (11,500… Read More

Equinix partners with Google for cloud containerization

Equinix has announced a partnership with Google Cloud to provide hybrid cloud container architecture to customers. The Equinix-GCP offering will combine Platform Equinix, the global data center interconnect platform with Google Container Engine (GKE) using Kubernetes open-source technology. Hybrid Kubernetes deployment is expected to assist developers in data and application containerization, and accelerate cloud migration activities… Read More

Washington, DC is now the largest colo market in the world

A new report by Synergy Research shows that due strong growth in 2016, Washington, DC is now the largest metro market for data center colocation in the world. DC overtook New York by a small margin in the fourth quarter of last year, boosted in part by the inclusion of Northern Virginia in consideration of the DC… Read More