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The bastion server that isn’t there
When Joshua Kite joined DAZN he had a vision to tackle the scaling and security deficiencies of the traditional approach to bastion servers. Ahead of DevOps Live 2019, we talk to Joshua about his new approach, and the lessons other engineers can learn from his experience Bastion servers are a critical security component in a... Read More

How Lloyds’ software dept. is engineering the bank of the future
To achieve the full potential of what financial services can offer society, we need to unlock the full engineering power of all the great minds sitting in retail banking engineering teams, James McLeod, software engineering lead at Lloyds Banking Group tells John Bensalhia “We’re moving so fast it’s important to look back to see just... Read More

Finding the key to the missing link in AI
Practical AI is here. Image identification, voice assistants and even the lowly thermostat are being infused with AI. People who aren’t remotely interested in technology are taking advantages of products and services that leverage AI. However, there is a missing link in how we process and serve AI-produced data Non-AI data has been with us... Read More