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Video: UPS basics: how is electricity generated?

Leading power protection specialist Riello UPS explores where all the megawatts of electricity needed to power the UK’s data centre industry comes from. Data centres already consume around 3% of... Read More

Pursuing data centre efficiency with cutting-edge tech

In the data centre market, change is inevitable. New technologies are constantly developing, both inside and outside the data centre. This means that the demands on data centres are not... Read More

Data growth: Will the bubble burst?

With our increasing appetite for data and its subsequent demand for power, Jonas Caino suggests we look for alternative forms of energy to ensure we keep the lights on and the... Read More

How to cut your data centre carbon emissions

With energy bills accounting for as much as 60% of a data centre’s overall operating costs, Chris Cutler, account manager for Riello UPS, argues that improving efficiency and cutting carbon... Read More

How energy in the data centre is changing

Russell Bulley, Technical Support Manager at Vertiv, discusses the future of energy in the data centre, and how advancements in UPS technology as well as broader renewable energy technology will... Read More

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