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Connected devices responsible for billions in wasted energy

A new study released by the International Energy Agency has revealed the alarming rate of energy wasted by the world’s growing digital economy. The research found that of the 616 terawatt... Read More

Taking a logical approach to saving data centre energy

Once considered relatively inconsequential to IT management, energy costs have become more significant as the rise in consumption has been exacerbated by a steady – and in some years, substantial... Read More

Schneider Electric plays it cool on DCIM Vigilent teaming

Energy management specialist Schneider Electric, has teamed up with dynamic cooling management systems player, Vigilent, to produce a new add-on module for its data centre infrastructure management (DCIM)  product. Schneider... Read More

Green clouds on the horizon for computing

Some scientific backing for the received wisdom that cloud computing is more energy efficient than traditional models published by Science Daily. It reports on research in Austria that tackles the... Read More

Airedale chills out at Data Centre World

Visitors to Data Centre World 2014 concerned about the creating the right operating environment would have been impressed by a visit to the stand of the British manufacturer, Airedale International.... Read More

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