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Cyber attack group with links to Russia attacking western energy sector, says Symantec

The western energy sector is being targeted by a sophisticated attack group with links to Russia, according to a Symantec report. The Californian security giant has pointed to a resurgence in attacks on the energy industry in Europe and North America, which it links to the re-emergence of cyber espionage group Dragonfly. The initial Dragonfly… Read More

The unquenchable thirst of the data centre

Richard Jenkins, Senior Vice President at cloud-based Big Data platform Romonet, explains the importance of understanding water in the data centre, and what can be done to reduce usage… From the perspective of the business, the sole requirement for any data center operator is that their facilities are constantly available. Every ATM transaction, every social media… Read More

British Gas owner acquires IoT tech to detect leaky pipes

Centrica, owner of UK energy supplier British Gas, has bought an IoT startup for £13 million in the hope of using its smart technology to identify leaky water pipes in homes. In an attempt to lure back customers after a considerable drop-off, the energy giant is exploring new technologies including a push into the ‘connected… Read More

Bacteria-powered solar cells generate clean energy

Researchers from the University of Binghamton were the first to create a biosolar panel that continuously generated electricity from bacterial activities. Miniature bio-solar cells were installed in an array and generated 5.59 microwatts of clean energy, and sustained that energy output over 60 hours. This represents a step forward in the use of cyanobacteria as… Read More

Porsche completes photovoltaic pylon

Porsche announced today that it has completed work on its first photovoltaic pylon. The structure, which is 25 meters high and comprises 7,776 solar cells, can reportedly generate up to 30,000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. The completion of this structure represents ‘a key factor in the long-term success of electric mobility in Germany,”… Read More