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Largest data centre market in U.S. facing power shortage

Due to concerns with the electrical grid, data centre development in Northern Virginia may be delayed. Power availability could affect construction in the largest data centre market in the U.S.... Read More

Finland utility cuts power to Russian Yandex data centre

The Yandex data centre in Mäntsälä (Finland) is now running on diesel fuel, after its power was cut off by the local Finnish utility. The decision to cut power to... Read More

The expanding data centre footprint: why businesses are investing in hyperscale

“That all adds up to huge and growing quarterly investments in data centres. The big five US hyperscalers still lead in terms of quarterly data centre spending, but the Chinese... Read More

An interview with Jon Summers of RISE Sweden

Ahead of his platform at Tech Show London 2022, Jon Summers of Research Institutes of Sweden, shared his thoughts on the future of the DC. Read More

Grant Elder of SSE talks about the power of new market presence

SSE has launched its IDNO Optimal Power Networks and is now aiming to gain a market presence. Having got its electricity distribution licence from Ofgem in April 2020, this allows... Read More

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