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Ionic: on-the-fly ‘zero trust’ text encryption for the most paranoid corporate networks

Atlanta-based startup Ionic Security today publicly launches its unusual security product – an on-the-fly encryption system that intercepts user keystrokes and saves data fully encrypted, even though the user sees... Read More

What kind of effective encryption will governments accept?

Yesterday Europol Police Chief Rob Wainwright joined a stream of high-level political figures and security heads in a lobbying bid against the uptake, or even continuance, of substantial encryption in... Read More

Ex-spook John Sawer joins the US/UK governments’ ‘anti-privacy’ campaign

[Opinion] At this point, the rhythm of rhetoric from high officials and government representatives against Zero Knowledge Encryption has become so regular and so reliable (allowing for the Christmas quietude... Read More

The right to private communications is not on the agenda for the next Conservative government

In a speech in the Midlands yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron pledged, in effect, to ban encryption within the United Kingdom if his government is returned to power. Insisting that... Read More

Open source encryption tool launched for mail and storage services

German web app provider Open-Xchange have today released OX Guard, as part of their email services, which allows users to send encrypted messages to any receiver, even if they do... Read More

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