Latest encryption publications

Why encryption is a critical step towards GDPR compliance

Joe Pindar, director of product strategy at Gemalto’s Chief Technology Office, discusses why encryption measures are growing in importance for today’s businesses… Last year, the UK suffered more data breaches than... Read More

Cyberduck FTP 6.0 offers Cryptomator cloud encryption

Cyberduck, the file transfer protocol client, now offers transparent, client-side encryption for all data stored on servers or in the cloud. The new encryption tool allows users to create secure... Read More

WhatsApp vulnerability sidesteps message encryption

Messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram are popular for the end-to-end encryption services they provide, ensuring that messages are visible only to a sender and intended recipient. However, a recently discovered... Read More

Google releases cloud encryption key beta

Google has launched the Cloud Key Management Service (Cloud KMS) in beta, allowing users across the globe to manage encryption keys on the Google cloud platform. The Cloud KMS will... Read More

DHS gives internet security advice before Black Friday, but stops short of ‘encrypt your connection’

Opinion It’s reasonable to assume that Black Friday is at least a potential field-day for cyber-criminals, since network traffic containing confidential financial information – such as e-commerce logins – is... Read More

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