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U.S. military to recruit civilian cybersecurity experts

The U.S. Army is to create a new cybersecurity division, Cyber Branch 17, and is also considering launching a cyber career track for civilians, according to an announcement made this week by Lt. Gen. Edward C. Cardon. Cardon, who currently heads the U.S. Army’s cyber command, ARCYBER, spoke to the Senate Armed Services subcommittee on Tuesday… Read More

Netflix-derived algorithm tells you when your best employee is about to leave you

A former Netflix data scientist has used the video-streaming company’s movie recommendation algorithm to develop a predictive system to let employers know when they are about to lose their most talented and productive workers. Workday Talent Insights is a new app from Human Resources software creator Workday, and aims to use a variety of criteria… Read More

Oxford University announces Big Data and IoT project for NHS patients

Oxford University has launched a combined Big Data and Internet of Things programme designed to improve care for hospital patients. In collaboration with the US-based Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine, the University of Oxford announced yesterday its plan to sequence genomes of individual patients using analytics tools and connected devices. The project is fully… Read More

GCHQ approves cyber security training at UK universities

The UK government’s spy agency, GCHQ, has approved six Master’s degrees in cyber security, in its drive to train the next generation of internet security experts. Announced by the Minister for the Cabinet Office, Francis Maude last Friday, the six academic centres accredited to teach the course included Oxford, Lancaster and Royal Holloway. The courses… Read More

Want to get a new job in cloud? IBM has 3000 of them.

As well as selling off its mid range server division, IBM also recently announced a $1bn investment in cloud research and development and $1.2bn in its Watson cognitive computing programme as part of what it calls an aggressive transformation. To further help that along it has announced it is recruiting for 3000 positions (the majority… Read More