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What should I really be looking for in a disaster recovery solution?

Raj Patel has a professional background of Information Security roles in major blue-chip companies including Aviva. In this article he asks what businesses have learned from high profile breaches over the last few years Businesses are evolving to address their security needs and adopt best practices. A good thing too, as it’s often the basics… Read More

Lack of Stack Overflow or Github posts a ‘red flag’ to IT employers

The quality of a user’s submissions to development communities Stack Overflow and GitHub can make the difference between acceptance and rejection for some candidates seeking IT or coding positions in the jobs marketplace, according to a new article from Dice. In the article Willis Johnson, VP at the Robert Half Technology office in Albuquerque, N.M.,… Read More

Planned Parenthood calls on FBI in alleged employee data hack

Healthcare provider Planned Parenthood has notified the FBI and Department of Justice of an alleged data breach that could compromise the ‘privacy and safety of staff members.’ Company representatives on Monday revealed that hackers were attacking Planned Parenthood IT systems in an attempt to gain unauthorised access to its employee database and leak the personal data… Read More

California rules that Uber drivers are employees, not contractors

The California Labor Commission has ruled that Uber is not a ‘neutral technology platform’ able to absent itself from responsibility for the people who provide its driving services, but instead is an ‘employer’ – with all the incumbent obligations entailed, such as Worker’s Compensation, Unemployment Insurance and Social Security. The ruling was filed yesterday at… Read More

Alibaba to push global expansion, says new CEO

Chinese e-retail group Alibaba has emphasised the importance of driving its globalisation strategy should it be serious about the success of cross-border sales and recruitment. CEO Daniel Zhang announced yesterday at a strategy meeting at Alibaba HQ, that the e-commerce giant would be pushing its international expansion efforts. “We will organise a global team and adopt… Read More