Latest Edward Snowden publications

Cloud in the post-Snowden aftershock

The Stack interviews Len Padilla, VP of Product Strategy at NTT Communications Europe. He discusses how the Snowden allegations have changed IT decision-making, and why businesses need to embrace a... Read More

Tor with everything: The ‘dark net’ posited for major browser integration

It’s reported that a number of major tech companies are evaluating the possibility of integrating The Onion Router’s anonymising protocols into core mainstream software – including a major web browser. The... Read More

Snowden: NSA’s ‘Treasure Map’ plots end-user devices

The latest leak from Edward Snowden reveals that the United States National Security Agency has a far greater ambit with its ‘treasure map’ program than was indicated by the New York... Read More

Yahoo faced $250,000 per day fines for refusing NSA data demands

The US government threatened Yahoo with daily fines of up to $250,000 if it did not immediately give up its user data as part of a National Security Agency (NSA)... Read More

Switzerland ‘unlikely’ to extradite Snowden if he testifies against NSA

The Swiss attorney general has reportedly said that Edward Snowden will not be extradited to the US if he travels to Switzerland and testifies about the National Security Agency’s spying... Read More

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