Latest Edward Snowden publications

Facebook notifies users of potential nation-state attacks

Facebook has announced its plans to notify users if they are under threat from state-sponsored cyberattacks. In a post-Snowden era, Facebook has made known its position on nation-state surveillance and... Read More

Collateral Damage in the Cloud: The Jurisdictional War over Personal Data

Richard Beaumont is the Privacy Services Manager for Governor Technology, a leading data privacy services provider offering bespoke software solutions, products and consultancy to companies looking to understand and manage... Read More

UK police says tech companies are too ‘friendly’ to terrorists

UK tech and communications firms are providing loopholes for cyber extremists to remain undetected by creating systems that are ‘terrorist-friendly’, says lead counter-terrorism officer Mark Rowley. The anti-terrorism expert today urged... Read More

Utah data centre critical to help the NSA ‘eliminate all private communications’, says Snowden journalist

The journalist and ex-lawyer who came to prominence by helping Edward Snowden to disclose the secrets of the National Security Agency has spoken of ‘government inside the government’ and the... Read More

Global SIM card cyber ‘heist’ organised by US and UK spy agencies

Intelligence agencies in the UK and the United States hacked into the SIM card database of a major manufacturer in order to steal encryption codes which allowed them to decode data... Read More

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