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Udacity launches online driverless car degree

Online education portal Udacity has announced that it has started offering the world’s first and only degree programme in engineering self-driving cars. Udacity co-founder and driverless expert Sebastian Thrun said that the new programme will put students through their paces building autonomous vehicles and trialling the kit on real streets around San Francisco. ‘We will… Read More

UK government pushes anti-bullying app into 300 schools

The UK government has pledged £4.4 million towards a range of projects designed to combat bullying, homophobia, racism and similar challenges in modern schools – including a boost for an anti-bullying app which has proven successful in helping victims anonymously report this kind of behaviour. The app, called Tootoot, lets children screenshot abusive messages and… Read More

Google to train 2 million Indian Android developers

Google has announced its new “Android Fundamentals” training program, which aims to train and certify up to two million Android developers in India. An Android Fundamentals training course, soon to be available online and at schools country-wide, is focused on training, testing and certifying Android developers to prepare students for careers using Android technology. A student-directed online version… Read More

Is it time for password education to enter the standard curriculum?

Editorial This week Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was no doubt embarrassed at the revelation that he was not only reusing a password across accounts, but that it was a pretty terrible password by any standards. Though a young man at 32, Zuckerberg still comes from a generation that was handed its first… Read More

ISIS hacktivist targets top Chinese university website

An individual or group claiming ties to the Islamic State has hacked into the internal network of the leading Chinese University Tsinghua, which is involved in research projects around defence and national security. Late on Sunday, some of the university’s internal website pages, used by professors and students, were erased and instead displayed hooded men… Read More