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Data governance: ‘safe’ or ‘private’? Pick one.

It’s no surprise, perhaps, that since Switzerland’s reputation as an opaque global banking repository was downgraded due to global pressure about corporate tax evasion, it has sought to transfer its former banking cachet into the data governance space. Yet when Estonia – subject to inordinate cyber-attacks in recent years – recently announced that it was… Read More

A place for the occult in the data centre?

I had not realised quite how parochial component manufacturers can be until I read recently of the work that researchers from Yahoo have been doing, in concert with Carolina’s Duke University, to create a framework for unlocking useful data from the syslog outputs of network devices, in order to determine operational issues hidden in the… Read More

Firefox’s Containers help to fence off your private life

Editorial I’m currently engaged in a couple of support threads on social sites, including Facebook, in an attempt to find out why contacts and information in the work and social spheres of my life are mysteriously bleeding into each other. Facebook has recently provided ‘friend recommendations’ to me of a large number of people who… Read More

Is it time for password education to enter the standard curriculum?

Editorial This week Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook, was no doubt embarrassed at the revelation that he was not only reusing a password across accounts, but that it was a pretty terrible password by any standards. Though a young man at 32, Zuckerberg still comes from a generation that was handed its first… Read More

The western myth about the great Asian robotics experiment

Editorial Our recent piece about Foxconn’s replacement of 60,000 workers with robots drew significant attention. One of its commenters asked some questions which I believe reflect general western confusion about the conflict between China’s politics and its economics: ‘What happened to the 60.000 people now unemployed? Do most of them leave town and search for… Read More